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Uildriks Mechanisatie - Händler des Monats

Uildriks Mechanisatie B.V.

Uildriks Mechanisatie is a versatile mechanization company with two branches in Drente, Assen and Pesse. The company has a large scale of new and used tractors, agricultural machinery, lawn- and garden-equipment and livestock stall equipment.

Uildriks Mechanisatie is also the address for maintenance and inspection of all tractors and machines used in the agricultural and horticultural sector. We are strongly specialized in the sale and maintenance of tractors and machines.

Our well trained employees offer you, from our two branches, a good service and maintenance as well in our workshops as in the field through our three service-vans.

Our brands

Uildriks Mechanisatie transports by trucks through whole Europe.

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Uildriks Mechanisatie
Zeilmakerstraat 2
9403 VA Assen
the Netherlands